Every Sunday from February through December, a number of wonderful people accept an invitation to say good morning to our Trinity members and guests.  These are our Trinity greeters who welcome you to services and who keeps us, the family of God, in touch with our brothers and sisters in Christ.
Every year a number of wonderful ladies make special telephone calls to Trinity members requesting that they serve as "greeters" before the 8:30am and 11:00am worship services.  Calling is quite a job because all of our families are very busy!  So, when you are contacted by one of these ladies, please help them schedule "greeters" for their month.  Or tell them which Sunday you can serve, even if it's the next month.  It only takes 15 minutes before the service but it is a valuable gift of time.  Please welcome the opportunity to say "Good Morning" to your brothers and sisters in Christ, and introduce yourself to the many new faces of Trinity!