Board of Stewardship

The Board of Stewardship encourages all members of the congregation to serve the Lord and His church with their time, talents, and treasures.  Stewardship is more than financial support... it involves all parts of our Christian life. 
The board meets on the 3rd Thursday of the month at 4:30pm.

2017 Annual Stewardship Emphasis
“Defying Gravity” 

By Rev. Mark Bussert, Director of Stewardship

As the story goes, Sir Isaac Newton was strolling through a garden, deep in contemplation, when an apple fell from a nearby tree. This, he later told colleagues, led him to “discover” gravity. (Obviously, God had “discovered” it far earlier!)

Gravity – that mysterious force of nature that keeps us from drifting off the earth, but which also makes it challenging to launch a rocket. Would you like to defy gravity and jump 20 feet into the air? Or 50?

There are other things that “tie us down” in life – some of them good, some of them not so. Marriage has many blessings, but it might limit some career choices. Kids are wonderful, but they definitely change one’s social life. House, car, possessions – necessary and enjoyable, but in excess they inhibit generosity.

God’s Word teaches us to willingly accept the limitations of responsibility and to be ruled by love – yet to “defy the gravity” of those things that prevent us from truly putting God first and loving our neighbor as ourselves.

Our Fall Annual Stewardship Emphasis, “Defying Gravity,” will help us think through the things that “hold us down” and the things that enable us to soar as God desires. It begins on the weekend of September 9 and 10 and concludes with Faith Commitment Weekend September 30 and October 1. Watch for more information in the weekly printed announcements and at the church website.
Joanne Stastny