Ladies Aid

Ladies Aid Society invites women to be of service at funeral luncheons, hosting coffee hour on Sunday mornings, or helping with Project Compassion (bringing meals to shut-ins or those recently home from the hospital).  We host a Rummage Sale in April every other year and co-host with our youth group in August in the opposite years.  We have a Holiday Market with various vendors in November with a tasty lunch and bake sale.  We also host an Advent Tea in December were our members decorate festive tables for an evening of Christian fellowship.  We support Trinity Church in many other ways when the opportunity arises from cookies/bake sales, potlucks or Easter/Christmas gifts for shut-ins.
 While 90% of our funds are spent on our own Trinity causes, 10% (or more) is set aside for outside charities and mission projects.  We extend a warm welcome to women of all ages to "Come serve the Lord with gladness!"